A Hectic Start to 2021 …

Which isn’t a bad thing … just a busy thing(!), as DH and I continue to take shifts watching over our Moms and pups, while squeezing in the rest of our daily duties … Here is a quick photo of some of Gina’s babies, who are 3 weeks old and growing by the minute!


I’ve also been learning about the bread machine and playing with recipes.  I’ve found a sandwich bread we like.  So, then I made french toast for DH.  We love soft pretzel bites and pretzel buns!  The buttermilk biscuits where a bit disappointing, but the Parmesan Focaccia is a definite keeper!

bread-machine-white-bread french-toast pretzel-bites

pretzel-buns buttermilk-biscuits parmesan-focaccia

We celebrated Christmas with our oldest son tonight.  He has survived his covid quarantine!  And we had a great visit with a traditional ham, cheesy potato, green bean menu … Which means we’ll be having potato soup in our near future!

I’ll leave with a quick pic DH caught of Ava (one of our polish ladies) and Buffy (our ISA brown) today … Aren’t they beautiful?!?


Time for a weekend of ER nursing fun … Stay safe y’all!

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