I Only Thought About It Once …

OK, maybe twice THREE times … But the bull-headed ER nurse in me persevered.

I am now on the angels-singing side of a maliciously violent bout of GI flu.  Every cell in my body was PROTESTING!  I only thought about going to the ER once (ok so – maybe a few times more than that) …  But, seriously – only fervently considered, FOR A PASSING MOMENT – calling an ambulance ONCE.  About the 5th time I was ferociously vomiting stomach cells – honestly, there was nothing else left(!), I may have BRIEFLY contemplated going in …  Just for Zofran, and maybe some IV fluid … But then, my inner ER nurse told me to SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP!  (Or, maybe it was because I was too near-death to make it to the car, or even to the phone to call the ambulance …?!?)

lavaI eventually started keeping fluids (- READ: sips of water) down!  [Amen ANGELS – Keep Singing!!!]  But after 7+ hours of volcanic-like discharges from the tail end of my GI system – which were occurring every 10-15 minutes when they started … I had one more quick flash of a life-saving emergency room visit … It was mostly involving lidocaine jelly … OUCH!

The good news – MY GI system was empty and QUIET after around the 10-hour mark.  The bad news – all of this hit just before my shift on Sunday … DOH!

After sleeping like the dead all day Monday … I’m feeling almost human.  The ‘positive’ outlook … I should have lost a pound or two through all of that NONSENSE!!!

It’s going to be a bland, quiet, non-productive week for me … Stay healthy, y’all!

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