Over watch – and …

Another catch-up post.  Last I wrote, I was experiencing an internal GI over-dinner1-21haul.  Five days of Jello, water and yogurt later – my gastrointestinal system and I were friends again.  Fearing I was contagious at the time, I stayed in the studio, away from DH and the pups. 

chicken-cabbage-spi[Once normal, I hit our downstairs kitchen and bread machine with a vengeance!  I started slow with soups, but then moved into a cream cheese chicken recipe (I’ve linked to the recipe, but my version did not look like their photo!?!)  DH liked it, so …cream-cheese-chicken

Wanting to try out a few bread machine recipes, we made mashed potato bread, sweet potato bread and Italian bread

mashed-potato-bread  sweet-potato-bread  italian-bread

apple-breadAs we were getting closer to DH’s birthday, I opted for a few desert items.  I destroyed this apple bread recipe (misreading it, thereby adding quadruple the amount of brown sugar) and just rolled with it until I felt I’d evened out the ingredients as best I could.  While DH likes it, I find it way too sweet.  Shocker!

Then I made cranberry walnut white chip cookies.  Again – not my favorite as the white ‘chocolate’ chips are mega-sweet!  And, finally apple crisp – a huge 9×13 pan of it.  DH is happily eating his way through all of these!

cranberry-walnut-white-choc  apple-crisp

strawberry-mango-jamI whipped a quick batch of jam together (adding mangos to a simple strawberry jam recipe) … very yummy, and great on our potato bread!  Then I wanted to try making coleslaw – as for whatever reason, I’ve never made it.  Also quite tasty.  Having gained back some confidence, I made a pot of ham/potato soup (our recipe, evolved over decades) … I say pot.  I really mean a VAT … But, it’s good and DH loves having left-overs for lunch, snack, brunch and every other meal he squeezes into a 24 hour day.

coleslaw   potato-soup-italian-bread

attempting-crochetHaving enough food prepared for a few weeks days, I moved to trying my first crochet lesson.  I WILL teach myself how … but tonight’s experiment was a bust!  I’ll spend some time reading and watching YouTube videos to get the hang of it! (This is supposed to be crocheting on edge – so a triangular looking piece …???)

And we (DH and I) are doing all of this while we watch over these cute little buggers!  Awww … puppy breath!


I’ll try to do better with updates, but in the meantime – Have a great weekend Ya’ll!

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