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Et … VOILA!!!

Just like that – Thanksgiving is over; We had a recipe-FAIL; and I’m missing a decent portion of the tip of my thumb.  VOILA! For a hot second, DH was ‘proud’ of himself for pulling together Artichoke Spinach Pinwheels … the link… Read More

So, yeah … we tried it:

Cheeseburger soup – in the crockpot.  Umm, with the Velveeta ‘cheese’ … Call it comfort food for our weekend’s hard work: If you’re feeling hypotensive, it will surely bring your blood pressure up.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t play with the recipe… Read More

Christmas 2014

We had some fun Christmas moments this year: We (as a family unit) decided we needed to hit a few more stores on Christmas Eve … It’s quite an adventure if you haven’t tried it.  All sorts of interesting people-watching to be… Read More