Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014We had some fun Christmas moments this year: We (as a family unit) decided we needed to hit a few more stores on Christmas Eve … It’s quite an adventure if you haven’t tried it.  All sorts of interesting people-watching to be done, including us at times:  We found a hat just made for modeling (that we also had to purchase!), along with a bicycle helmet that my son thought he wanted.  (We ultimately refrained.  And, I’m happy to say the kids are showing no signs of lice/ringworm/etc. at this point.  We’ve also had a talk about putting public things on your body …)

more christmas shopping   christmas shopping 

blackberry brie recipeWe had the whole family over on Christmas day.  While dinner wasn’t quite Martha-Stewart-perfect (some undercooking of the green bean casserole, dang it!), we had a ‘classic’ Christmas menu, and tried out a couple of new recipes.  I like the Baked Brie (we used seedless blackberry jam) a lot!  However, I can’t recommend the Salted Caramel Butter Bars – unless a spoonful of real butter and straight sugar is appealing to you … or maybe, if you think you’re feeling hypoglycemic – but be warned!  (YUCK!)  [ I found the recipe on Pinterest and NO ill-will is meant to any recipe blogs/goddesses/critcs, I promise.]

I was able to crash hard on Friday, with some 12+ hours of sleep.  Thanks Honey …  So now, I’m back in the studio.  I’ve made some blanks for spoon rests and requests; shipped what I think will be my last order for 2014 [Thanks to all for a great CHS year!]; and I’m planning for upcoming projects.  Now, if I could just get that maid to clean up around here a bit …


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