Some things that I learned this week …

krampus-artKrampus … Wowzer!  Who knew (?!?)  And yet, I feel I should have … Those German’s sure knew how to keep their kids in line.  None of THEIR nursery rhymes/fairy tales have a (watered-down, politically correct, Americanized) base/foundation in anything that WE were raised with … So, now I know what my Christmas cards will look like for next year!  (I’ve already asked for my order … Thank you to the wonderful homemade art and talent, Flying Groundhog!!!)

crazy coconut crabI’m glad I don’t live in the Indian Ocean and/or parts of the Pacific Ocean!  While I love me some sun and warm, tropical climates … if I had to share space with these bad boys – I’d be arrested for shooting off fire arms!  But, the seafood-lover in me wonders what these crab legs would taste like?!?  All-you-can-eat goes off in a crabs-gone-wild direction!

While most of my coworkers know that I don’t  LOVE country music … I like this group!  (And most things A Cappella…)  They have a true gift!

Home Free

Under 100Cable knitting does NOT come naturally for me.   I’m trying to knit a lightly cabled hat (yep … A HAT!!!)  That’s supposed to be a ‘quick-knit’ for all you non-needle-clackers out there.  I’ve ripped it back three times already … Aaarggh!  (No pattern photo, but it’s from this great book that I purchased at Knit Picks.)  But I will persevere!

Yep.  That’s what I’ve learnt!  Winking smile  Studio news has me cleaning and packaging (THANK YOU internet shoppers!!!), while I work my way back to producing.  Next up on the list: Restocking spoon rests – with a special request or two; more flamed pendants; and I want to play with sandblasting irid patterns … I have an idea or two (thousand +) ….

ideas overflow

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