Nora and I went swimming yesterday …

Well, actually – Nora was frantically trying to stay on top of the water and I jumped in to get her … in our pond … knee-deep in muck … IN THE COLD!

When she didn’t come running back to the deck with the rest of our Yorkie crew, I started to worry.  I don’t know what made me look down by the water.  She’s never shown the slightest interest in the pond before … But, there she was, around the corner from the paddleboat, down the bank just before the water starts to break off to form our little stream.  So, I had to bust through branches, bushes and weeds to get to the water and her.  In I went, and now one of my pumpkin-faceslippers (oh yeah – the favorite pair!) is cemented into that muck, as I decided it was too darn cold to fight the pond to get it back.  I needed to climb my fat-butt out to where I had tossed Nora to safety and get the 3-pound-stinker warmed up!

I’m happy to report she and I are both safe and sound.  She has apologized a hundred times over, as she stares at me with her dark brown eyes … And – she’s promised me a new pair of slippers!  Whether or not she plans to go swimming again – we’ll just have to see …

So, in honor of our hypothermic, bonding adventure (our own little polar plunge!) – I’m working on a new dichro cab in the studio … with Nora close by my side.


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