A minute to relax …

We had our show.  It was great!  A lot of work, but what a wonderful end to our ‘season’!  Here is our 24 foot long ‘booth’ (the only photo I took, as we were still setting up … DOH!)


In the meantime, my studio is trashed(!!!), but there is no down-time for the wicked weary (I love it!), so work continues as I fill orders, create custom pieces and keep up on stock.  It is definitely ornament-time here!

snowman-ornaments   Olaf-ornamentrequest-snowman-ornament minion-ornaments puppy-ornaments

We had a super Thanksgiving!  Fairly laid back, but with amazing food!  We made the best (20 pound) turkey yet this year, thanks to information I found on The Runaway Spoon blog (thanks P.C.).  Along with 8 quarts (full crockpot) of chex mix for snacking, walnut/apple/whiskey stuffing, my family’s favorite mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin/pecan pies.  It was GOOD EATIN’! (No after-cooking photo of the turkey, as we use a roasting bag in roaster, so my bacon wasn’t crisp and pretty.  It didn’t stop me from blending some, along with carrots and onions into the turkey stock for AMAZING gravy!)

bacon-wrapped-turkey-2014   turkey-2014

A quick, cute photo of Cally, as she likes to watch over me while I’m working at the computer … (Our youngest daughter gave her that pathetic hair cut.  We’re working on her grooming skillz!)


So, a bit of stolen time to relax before we run full speed ahead into Christmas preparations.  Just enough time to play with pups, who are 3 weeks old now – the little porkers! Winking smile

3 wk old female Neo pup  Clayton Hill NeoBlue Neapolitan Mastiff pup  Tawny male - tongue razz

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