Countdown …

Work in the studio continues, with the understanding that I will not come anywhere close to touching the projects I wanted to try/complete.  That’s ok … I’ll still make myself nutty for this up-coming show, but maybe not ‘top-shelf nutty’… (???)  Here’s what I have to show-off today: a quick-but-cute donut necklace; my 11×14 canvas prints ready for hanging; our next mirror frame, made with recycled glass (‘scraps’ from other projects).

fused glass neckalce   donut pendantClayton Hill Studio canvas prints   fused glass mirror - WIP

I’m also looking forward to finishing up our (little) show season so that I can devote a bit of time to some other outlets:  My hands are itching to knit something; I have some new bead/glass jewelry ideas bouncing around; and I am finally ready to look at my enameling gear and play with copper/fire! (pendant by Pam East) PamEast Meanwhile, the pups are doing great.  Eyes aren’t open yet, so you’ll just have to take my word (photos next week).  The kids are doing well, flipping between angels and hormonal heathens as only teenagers can do.  I continue my love-hate relationship with sleep.  Right now I seem to be stuck in an all-or-nothing phase (12+ hours of ‘power crashing’ in between days and days of 2-4 meager hours of tossing and turning) … Oh, the joys of being … 29!!! insomnia

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