Nothing to do but plow through …

Lots going on …

I turned 29 (again! … A few more of these birthdays, and I’ll be able to skip straight to social security); we had puppies(!!!); got through a weekend (work) tour with a particularly tough case; and we continue to prepare for our next show …  Oh,  I slept for 17 hours (at one time) this week!  [Gone is my pathetic, wimpy URI virus(!) – along with the need for anymore sleep, apparently …]

Photos:  Puppies! (Yay!!! Mom and pups are doing awesome!); nutcracker soldier ornaments; working on displays and canvas signs to ‘spruce up’ our booth; tonight’s new focal (pendant) waiting for kiln-time; a personal reminder regarding this past weekend – I might just need to make something out of glass with this …

pups 11-14

nutcracker-soldier-ornament   canvas-sign-3canvas-jewelry-signs canvas-sign jewelry-dress-form focal-design


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