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Nothing to do but plow through …

Lots going on … I turned 29 (again! … A few more of these birthdays, and I’ll be able to skip straight to social security); we had puppies(!!!); got through a weekend (work) tour with a particularly tough case; and we continue… Read More

Contentment …

Another good day!  After sleeping like the dead for 11 hours, I welcomed the twins to summer.  The family enjoyed our lobster dinner – wrapped it up with chocolate cake topped with frosting crack (- what’s not to love?)!  Played with all… Read More

Houston … we had a problem

So … throw the cumulated stress of holidays, work, another DARN SANE meeting (people STILL suck!!*), and spousal unit discord together … and you get an overweight, middle-aged, crusty ER nurse & mother that crashes … HARD!  I just slept for the… Read More