Contentment …

Another good day!  After sleeping like the dead for 11 hours, I welcomed the twins to summer.  The family enjoyed our lobster dinner – wrapped it up with chocolate cake topped with frosting crack (- what’s not to love?)!  Played with all my pooches.  Then, off to the studio I went.


I like my Star-N-Moon pendant … the CZ did great and is solidly fused within the piece.  Cool!


And, my Welcome Yoda sun catcher is in the kiln, now.  I’m playing with the end temperature, as it’s powdered frit on thin glass … will know more tomorrow, when I open the kiln.  I took my irid platters through another slump program, for deeper slumping/more relief.  Fingers crossed for happy kiln-Gods in the morning!

kiln Gods = Greek Gods ---whatever, they're happy

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