Pushing forward …

Mixed results in the studio today, but overall – I’m happy.  My irid platters are cooling in the kiln as I type … but that didn’t stop me from catching a quick peak/picture:

HaHa!!!  Much better … not perfect, but I like them!  And, I have a mini tray fire-polishing in the little kiln.  We’ll see.  I don’t like what I have going on with the dichro extract pieces – but it was a trial, so now I know.  And, I’m ‘setting’ a CZ in my failed-but-maybe-salvageable PNP cab.  It’s the first time I’ve played with them (CZ’s in glass), so we’ll see …


And, I’ve been playing with a potential screen print image.  I still have so much to learn with tracing bitmaps, color separation and all steps necessary for quality image creation, but – it’s learning so I’m on it.  Here’s what I’m shooting for … I hope to put it on glass later today.  [Fingers crossed!]


But for now, I think I’ve finally won (lost???) the battle with insomnia, since I’m rolling into my 31st hour of being awake.  Time to sleep DEEPLY! 

Lobster dinnerToday (Wednesday) is the twins’ last day of school.  So, we have a special dinner planned to celebrate … and then – it’s time to get this summer started!  (Garden and flower beds to tend, opening the pool, deep clean bedroom-detail, etc. –  oh so many fun summer chores and projects … HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!)

evil laugh

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