Perspective …

WWU:  Point taken, Oh-Great-One! 

I live and work in a podunk, rural community.  I take that for granted.  The fact that, as an ER nurse in my ‘lil county – we don’t often see or care for ‘SICK’ kids.  The ones that your heart breaks for … because they’re fighting metastatic cancer.  It’s such a kick in the pants to realize that my grumblings and whining about my own (healthy) hormonal teenage off-spring, or working my way through my own annoying medical issue can’t even BEGIN TO COMPARE  to what one parent and child are working through – day by day, minute by minute. 

The patient is angry.  And, he lashes out at the parent – because that’s the safe response.  He knows not to piss off the staff … they’re the ones with all the answers, and all the sharp/painful stuff.  [This is so NOT  their first time at this RODEO …] The parent endures the verbal lashing, doesn’t correct, doesn’t reprimand.  Because, in the scheme of things – It’s Such Small Potatoes!!!  Our team did the best we could, gave the best emergent care we have to offer in the most caring, compassionate way we know, before we transferred him in a timely fashion to the all-too-known-to-him, BIG-Hospital – where he didn’t want to go – the place where they have all the tools, all the answers … with ALL of these SICK patients/parents.

Sure, I took care of other folks and families this weekend – and gave my best (darn good care, too!).  But, this is the one that breaks my heart/messes with my head.

So, my advice … Do something good this week …Find joy … Be happy!!!  (I’m going to play with pups, hug my kids, and create in my studio … while I stew, get angry, digest, contemplate, eat, find peace, mend my heart … and prepare for the next WWU …)

finding zen

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