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Perspective …

WWU:  Point taken, Oh-Great-One!  I live and work in a podunk, rural community.  I take that for granted.  The fact that, as an ER nurse in my ‘lil county – we don’t often see or care for ‘SICK’ kids.  The ones that… Read More

Warning – Stay Away at the moment!!!

It’s not safe up in here at this time!!  I’m cussing like a sailor and ready to take my frustrations of all things electronic out on anything that moves!!! 2.5 hours … 150 minutes of fighting with the wi-fi, my computer, my… Read More

The Giving Tree … AKA WWU

‘Round and ‘round we go … [Warning – philosophical, WORDY post!] I hate it when I get mad at work.  Aarrrggh, WHY?!?  Anger is (almost) always a wasted emotion.  But, when a mid-level practitioner [one I feel I’ve helped raise and mold over… Read More