Iridescent Platters: Take 2, scene 2 …

[Fingers Crossed!!!]  My irid platters are back in the kiln … this is where I blew it last time.  Here’s hoping the kiln-Gods are pleased with me today … I’ll find out tomorrow.

I moved my zentangle badge reels/pendants along.  I capped one (you’re not supposed to, but I like it), ground edges on a couple of others (I really like that look, a lot) and got the remainder ready for last-round fire-polish:

zentangle-cab-capped-with-clear    zentangle-cabs-ground

my-daughter---Mona-Lisa???I tried my hand at frit painting again – this time a person (my daughter).  I think I’m going to stick to plants and animals.  There is a (SMALL) likeness to her … she DOES  have brown hair and she WAS  wearing blue in the photo I used … but the face is all wrong (specifically her nose and mouth) … Lesson learned, and I like it (since I know who it’s supposed to be), so she’ll join my ‘art’ here in the studio.

Then, I played with CBS Dichroic Extract.  I have a night-light and pendants in the baby kiln now … Can’t wait until tomorrow!

dichro-extract    dichro---ohh-sparkly

And, we had our puppy photo-shoot.  While you can see the cute pics on our website – here are the few I’m sharing on this site:

Yeah, I'm talking to YOU! I'm-EXHAUSTED! Maa!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.  I hope I do, too!

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