Never enough hours – and yet …

I’m relieved all the same.  I make myself nutty with these craft/art shows.  I know I do.  “They” say identifying the problem is half the battle.  It’s not true … I’m still nutty!  (But I knew that going in, so …)

We’re working a show (that DH signed us up for) in … well, T-5 hours.  [DH will be manning it alone for a bit, I’ll be there after a WEE nap …]  We’re all set up (thank goodness)!  And, I managed to add a few new items … (Therein lies the ‘Make Me Crazy’ part – you should see the list of things I had hoped to accomplish – UNBELIEVABLE!)  [BTW – we’re at Brighton Spirit Centre today, 11-1-14, 10a-4p]

Photos … My new sign (putting Pinterest to good use – and, I am in love with ‘chalk markers’!); Our set up; my new night light display (thanks honey … I’ve been asking for one – ummmm … well … FOREVER!);


booth-3-11-1-14 pinterest-sign-ideabooth-2-11-1-14 booth-11-1-14

  new-night-light-display     nite-lite-display-on

A couple of the new ornaments completed (plus I’m currently working on 4 additional designs – cut and in various stages of readiness … GO ‘Arts & Greens’!); and a couple framed glass pieces; Oh – I’m exited about this!  A new twist (for us) on the slumped bottles that we’ll have at this show (once I get there): Recycled hangers – for jewelry, coats, kitchens … whatever.  I love them!  With the different knobs (beach glass, bottle glass and fused glass) – I’m having so much fun with them!!!

CHS-new-ornament-soldier    new-snowman-ornaments-CHS-2painted-iris        framed-butterflyrecycled-hangers

It certainly hasn’t all been successes.  I’m not talking about the slumping fiasco (… Nope.  Can’t make me!) … But, I try to make lemonade out of lemons whenever possible [and every now and then it actually works, too!  Winking smile] …

tempermental-molds    lemonade

I soo have to get to bed.  (I shouldn’t be at this right now, but … well, whatever …)  DH is gonna snip at me [He’s been extra-special cranky lately – but that’s a post for some other time] … We made the deadline, I’m happy with the set up, so now all we need are some shoppers … It’s all good!  Smile  Happy Día de los Muertos  – Ya’ll …


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