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Never enough hours – and yet …

I’m relieved all the same.  I make myself nutty with these craft/art shows.  I know I do.  “They” say identifying the problem is half the battle.  It’s not true … I’m still nutty!  (But I knew that going in, so …) We’re… Read More

Too much learning … ???

Typically, I’d say there is no such thing, but … I think I pushed it too far today.  I’ve been perusing the ‘net, getting my fill of all things beading, chainmaille and jewelry, when I stumbled on this … Now, I know… Read More

Before it begins …

Let me just take a moment to say ~ regardless of how shameless it is … I love how varied my Etsy shop listings are looking right now.  And – public awareness moment:  We have only 55 days until Christmas … Just… Read More