Before it begins …

Let me just take a moment to say ~ regardless of how shameless it is … I love how varied my Etsy shop listings are looking right now.  And – public awareness moment:  We have only 55 days until Christmas … Just sayin’!!!

Clayton Hill Studio

But – here’s where I’ll start to get nutty:  I have 2 wks before the next art show; another one the week after that; and then – an additional 2 wks before the final show; this all leads up to the last 2-ish weeks before ACTUAL Christmas … all while attending work competencies, working (both ‘REAL’ jobs), caring for the family (the two- and four-legged), possibly having puppies, and you know … ALL THE REST – like eating, bathing, doctor appointments, celebrating aging (- or NOT), etc.  Plus, I totally want to get a batch of wine ‘brewing’! … DANGITALL!!!  Why do I do this??? 

OKAY … Moment of panic over …

Here’s what I’m all excited about this week.  So much so, that I have more jewelry pieces, findings, components pieces AND ideas in the works!  (So – while there MAY be a medication that fixes this particular [glass] compulsion … I don’t want it!)


Speaking of meds – [note the SLY segue-way into WWU … ??? -) I’m not talking about this weekend.  The highs were just too sarcastically inappropriate for all but the most jaded of health care professionals to appreciate, and the lows still break my heart!  So, while it was a good weekend – with great care … I ran my a$$ off, too!  All of this means – in the scoring column – I’m glad it’s over.  Winking smile

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