Hey Ladies …


Come on out tonight and start your holiday shopping.  It’s “Ladies Night Out” at Muir Middle School in Milford.  I’ll be there, peddlin’ my wares from 6-9pm.  You can see, first hand how well I displayed 5 tubs worth of my glass work on one 8 foot table … or NOT!

I’ll have lots of jewelry, ornaments and a few select bowls/platters/spoon rests.  All marked to sell!  AND … you can find out what other shows I’ll be doing in the county over the next 3 weeks … Duhnt, Duhnt, Dahhhh [suspenseful cliffhanger] … (BTW – not a great photo, but I’m in a hurry.)

In the meantime, since I’ve become an international seller, I’ve also been doing some international buying!  Yep, I have etching supplies coming (Holland), and bought some jewelry supplies (China).  I even found a source to get stainless steel chain (no more tarnishing, thank you very much) – so all of my pendants now come with necklaces.  I still have the sterling silver to offer those who prefer it.

But, I have to point out, being a complete American idiot, I’m not comfortable with the metric system.  I thought, however, I’d overcome that deficit.  Ummm, NO!  I ordered a few pendant trays and cabochon settings.  Wanting something large enough to accommodate intricate etchings – I figured 50mm would be nice – roughly two inches.  Not bad.  And, when I saw 65mm, I thought that’s okay …  I can go that big.  CRICKEY!  Apparently, I want to make ROCKY jewelry (MC Hammer???)!!!  And – I bought 4 bags of that nuttiness!  Anybody looking for medallion settings?  DH keeps laughing at me, and says “Ok, crafty girl – now what?” (Photo one = heart medallion on top of industrial packaging tape dispenser – for scale.)

Rocky-heart-medallion     bags-of-giant-medallions

I’m wrapping up my jewelry kick (sort of), for now anyway.  My next projects have to do with bottle slumping, as I’ve collected a few hundred bottles …

Life wrap-up: Celebrated turning 29 again (I think I almost have it right!  And, had a good family day.  Plus – it’s my birth month, so I’m shopping like it is!); all pups have moved on to their new homes and are doing great; our oldest graduates FROM COLLEGE in less than a month (SO PROUD of her!); still smoke-free; gaining weight by the second; don’t want to talk about nursing!

Time to start packing the car with glass art …  I’ll leave with a few pics of my cabs in their various stages:

dichro-cabs-soaking  two-layer-dichro-palm-treedichro-cabs-first-firing  November-dichro-cabs

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