Too much learning … ???

Typically, I’d say there is no such thing, but … I think I pushed it too far today. 

I’ve been perusing the ‘net, getting my fill of all things beading, chainmaille and jewelry, Jewel Beetlewhen I stumbled on this … Now, I know artists throughout history have been inclined to use just about anything as their ‘medium’  (see post regarding Victorian hair jewelry), but I think this is a bit much (for me, personally…):  Beetlewing art (at least they were gentle about it, and no beetle lost it’s life for the cause!). 

Here is the bug (Sternocera aequisignata or Jewel Beetle … YES, it has pretty wings).  Here is an entire ceiling, in a Belgium palace, done up in ‘elytra’ (beetle wings):

heaven_of_delight_by_JFabre   heaven_of_delight_closeup

And, here is a stunning pair of earrings (that started the whole search), by a talented artist (check out her facebook page) in Croatia … Wow!!!


While I love her chainmaille, I just don’t think I’m ready for bug jewelry.  And, I think I’ve learned enough today … [Stepping away from the computer – with skin feeling strangely itchy-crawly.]

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