What a week ….

But first – cuteness.  This is our Olivia and her daughter Tubitha (Tubby).  Awww …


Now, my week.   Apparently, my grandmother decided at 89 years of age that she didn’t want her gallbladder anymore.  She was so insistent about not wanting it, that she started to go into septic shock.  The family phone lines have been crazy-busy with updates.  We had our visit time yesterday and I’m so glad to report she’s doing much better and the plan is to send her home in a few moremetal-flower-wall-art-upcyc days, if she continues to behave.

Earlier in the week, our oldest daughter ‘came home’ for a bit so we could watch over her after getting her wisdom teeth removed.  She did great with the procedure/recovery, and the visit was good.

Today I’m relaxing … playing with chain maille and web surfing.  While perusing Pinterest, I came upon this image, with link to this blog … It has me itching to play with pop cans again.  [I’m sorry, but I don’t know who to credit for making the flower … ]

Here are some photos of my latest learning:

bee-weave barrel-weave box-weave

And my latest bracelets (byzantine with awareness ribbon, and a pink pearl shaggy bracelet):


And then I made a pair of cherry earrings, just because I can, and I live in Michigan – not far from Traverse City, and I had the beads, so … (??? … whatever.  BTW – don’t you love my new model?  She is not full size, so the earrings are smaller than they appear – only about an inch long.)

cherry-earrings beaded-cherry-earrings

Meanwhile, DH is painting our family room, today.  I like the new color … He’s ordered the fireplace (will go where the TV is sitting now), and we’ll be picking out carpet soon.  I’m excited.


I’ll leave with the latest knitting project I’ve started.  It will be another anemone hat, and I love the colorway … Zombie BBQ by Lorna’s Laces!  Winking smile  I’m hoping to have a less-eventful week, so I feel a little less Zombiefied.  We’ll see …


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