Knitting central …

just-finished-knittingIn between narcotic-induced drooling naps, I’m a knitting maniac.  Here is my finished hat and cowl – don’t you love the model?  (Lea Cloche by C Glowik MacDonald and Drop Stitch Cowl in Sausalito by S Drucing)

I had my surgery.  BTW, ‘partial mastectomy with bilateral reconstruction’ is cutter (surgery) code for PAIN.   I don’t know if I’m just not as tolerant (i.e. – a complete wimp) or what, but OUCH!  Anyway – I’m taking my meds, drooling, napping, hopefully healing … and every now and then, I knit a bit.

Here’s my latest project (Kingston hat by H Rush).  And, here is a photo of my next hat (Anemone by C Bordhi) – is that not ADORABLE??? (yeah – the baby is cute, too)

 current-knitting-hat          ANEMONE-by-C-Bordhi

I hope to be feeling better soon, because I make a lousy patient.  And, I want to be in my studio!  [Stomps feet and heavy sigh]  We’ll find out … I see my cutter surgeon in a couple of days. 

Time to see-the-forest-through-the-trees, heal well and stop whining … Ahh – the meds are kicking in.  Next up – drooling …

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