The good, the bad and the ugly …

Let’s start with the bad, cuz she’s awful darn cute:  Here is Cally.  She is DH’s favorite Yorkie (therefore, doubly spoiled and a COMPLETE brat!).  I think I figured out why he loves her so … she has the same coloring as his beard! [Doh!]


The ugly:  While on sick leave, my employerzombie-anemone called to tell me I will be experiencing a cut in pay.  She was very friendly and upbeat about it.  The financial loss is the equivalent of a bit more than an entire months pay … Ouch.  That’s ugly!  I’m drinking wine now …

Now the good:  My grandmother graduated to rehab.  My sister and I visited with her, and her spirits are good!  I was knitting on my Zombie hat while traveling/visiting:

I’ve made a few more bracelets and earrings.  And, I played with Persian chainmaille.

Love-knot-maille-bracelet  bracelet-displayLove-knot-earrings celtic-clover-earrings persian-maille-cross

I’m rolling up on 6 months smoke-free (thank goodness with my pay cut), growing skin (yay!) and surviving this snowmageddon winter!  Next up … running water in my studio.  [Fingers crossed!]  In the meantime, I’ll keep playing with my chainmaille …


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