I’m still here …

half-of-bead-closetIt’s been forever, I know.  Busy mixed with a little funk, I guess.  Not so much going on in the kilns, but I did get all of my beading supplies moved from my ‘office’ to the studio.  This meant a lot of deep cleaning, reorganizing and stair climbing(!), but I like it …

I also managed to kill two cell phones in one week.  I know, right?  I have magic skillz!  To be fair,samsung-galaxy-s5-copper they were both older and DH is still the reigning champ of the most dead phones … Just sayin’!  We are now owners of the Samsung Galaxy s5 (love it!).   And – we left Verizon after 20+ years, as their customer service has become pathetically poor and our bill ridiculously high.   We’re giving Sprint a try for now …

We attended the Brighton Farmer’s Market, as well as Milford’s Ladies Night/market.  We did well, they were both great experiences in their own ways and we’re getting better at packing/unpacking the trailer.

farmers-market-2014    jewelry-display-2014

We’ll be doing a couple of inside shows this holiday season, too.  On Saturday, 11/1/14 we’ll be at the American Spirit Centre in Brighton.  I’m also happy to say we’ll be at the Arts and Greens Holiday Market again this year (11/22 and 11/23/14).

We celebrated a few birthdays (good family time sprinkled with some proud Mama moments) …  My grandpa is 90, our oldest daughter is [cough, cough] 22, our oldest son just turned 20 years old.  All are well and I now fully understand that time is flying by! 

Since I moved all the beads, I’m in a beading-mode.  I’ve been gathering ideas (for jewelry/wire-wrapping and chainmaille) like a loon (more projects than could EVER be accomplished in one lifetime, even if I didn’t have other hobbies or interests – let alone jobs/responsibilities) but, it’s what I seem to like to do … 


I’ve worked, caught up on mandatory competencies and attended annual meetings.  There are a ton of WWU stories, but I feel no amount of info ‘tweaking’ could prevent HIPPA-infringement in these cases … So, suffice it to say bizarre events continue to seek us out in the ER on the weekends.  (Not talking about ebola or enterovirus68 or any other viral outbreaks … NOPE!)

So … all caught up with work busy-work, my mind well saturated with beading ideas (time to let them boil and bubble), my lists of kiln projects made and prioritized –  I can now get back to producing in the studio … I hope.


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