It’s a good thing I’m not panicking …

DH signed us up to participate in Brighton’s Harvest Fest Brighton Harvest Fest(market/art and craft show) … umm – this SATURDAY. (8am-3pm 9/27/14)  So, it’s a good thing I’m not stressing out, experiencing any sort of insomnia spike while I systematically search the internet (like some neurotic, jonesing sociopath with only one thing on her mind …) for more artistic booth displays.  Yeah.  I’ve decided to pretend I’m a mello, mary-jane-sort … while one of my many other self’s surfs the net, makes new ‘stuff’, packs and packages … and FREAKS OUT!

So if you aren’t doing anything this Saturday – come say HI, check out all our new glass – or wish John well as I will enjoy another 40+ hour day.  [I promise to be nice to all patrons, patients and customers.  Only legal life partners need to worry …]

But seriously – I’m excited.  Thus the insomnia.  And it’s a good ‘kick in the pants’ for the holiday season …

inkblot-display        displaysgetting-ready-for-show-ornaments         art-show-earrings

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