Love Those Date Nights …

So we made the soup last week – the creamy cabbage kielbasa soup.  It was delicious!


kilnwash-spoon-restsAnd then I moved on to some studio cleaning and glass slumping.  I had a small mishap with my spoon rests, as it’s been ages since I re-applied kiln wash, so after ruining 3, I’m prepping those molds with a few more layers of protection (kiln wash) … Doh!

Needing something successful and productive, I made a batch of Christmas cards to add to my growing stash.  I like them.

christmas-cards joy-card

And, we had our vitrigraph pulls – both last Friday and again tonight (date night in my house!).  All from previously prepped stacks I had sitting around.  The first is Chocolate Caramel (coe90), a light beige covering with cream and dark brown designs inside.

chocolate-caramel-stack chocolate-caramel-pull

Tonight’s pull is festive, and I call it Heat Miser (coe90), with a red covering and bits of orange and yellow designs inside.  I like them … and hope to have some of both listed in our Etsy shop next week.

            red-orange-yellow-stack heat-mizer-cane

In between taking care of our Ladies (the chickens who are still producing 7–8 eggs each day), and playing with the pooches, I’ve been sleeping like the dead (10+ hours each night)… I must need it!

I’ll leave with a cute photo – the birthday card DH gave me earlier this month.  Still makes me smile!  Have a safe weekend y’all!51-bd-card

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