Family – We Had Them out …

It wasn’t quite the way we planned, but we had all of our kids over for dinner.  It was supposed to be something along the line of mano a mano … So that we could spend time with each of our offspring in a meaningful way, with good food in a relaxed atmosphere, making each one’s favorite meal.  DH and I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to make this happen, in a way that fit their schedules.  And – it has happened.  Not quite the way we planned, as the twins – who entered into this world together, also chose to dine together … It’s all good!

spoonrestsDeciding to call it a win, I moved on to my studio.  I’m moving 24 spoon rest blanks along, as well as restocking a few ornaments – and tonight I played with card pieces.  The new Altenew Cartoon Roses – hmmm – not bad.  And an older Christmas card design I wanted to try – I like the first pass …

new-altenew-stamp-layering-    paper-coloring-fun

I kept the Ladies well fed this week – with cabbage on a hanging chain, hot dogs, hard boiled eggs, watermelon, spinach – along with their scratch and meal worms, and their ever-present layering feed, with a separate feeder for shells and grit.  I think they’re happy – they continue to produce 6-8 eggs each day!  (And –  love to look at themselves in the mirror!  Silly Girls!)hotlips-in-mirror

I’m also trying to take photos and make listings from some older products – as we just can’t seem to make the (in person) shows:  Small (ring) dishes; medium sized stamping, with crackle and fun frit background plates, along with some involved color combination mesh spoon rests …

ring-dishes   small-plates-to-add-to-the-   

So, moving on … the plan for tonight, along with making  creamy cabbage kielbasa soup, DH and I are planning a ‘vit pull’ date.  I’m excited.  Good food and glass production … He might just have figured me out by now …

Have a great weekend y’all.  Will post photos of the glass pull if it works out well!

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