Santas, Snowmen, and Spoon Rests–Oh My …

I’ve had some major mojo in the studio this week, while I’ve worked hard to restock some much-needed inventory …

Tonight was all about ornaments … I’m working on Santa, Snowmen and Nut-Cracker Soldiers.  In the between time, I’m building Christmas Tree night lights, along with other night lights (Caribbean, psychedelic and rainbow!) – all while restocking some much needed spoon rests for the upcoming Christmas Season!


carribean-11-20 psychedelic-11-20rainbow-11-20


unicorn-shaker-cardI played with one card this week … this time a shaker.  It’s okay – kind-of cute.  I hope to make more cards next week, once I get my glass inventory under better control.

We tried a new recipe.  I didn’t love it, as it was SO SALTY … maybe it was the sausage, as I never add salt.  It was Bob Evan’s Original (- the ‘Sage’ that I typically go for was out of stock) … The rest of the ingredients were pretty basic, so I’m thinking it had to be the sausage … DH likes it.  So, good – he can have it!


The LADIES (no photo) are having some difficulties with the time change.  The first day one of the girls was locked out.  Tonight, all but Tosh were locked out.  We have been leaving a light on, but I fear that is messing with them TOO much.  We’ve been getting 6-8 eggs each day … But, maybe it’s time to make sure they’re healthy and safe! [Dang Michigan day-light-savings time change!!!]

I’ll leave with an adorable photo of my BULLDOG sisters, who are patiently waiting for me to get tired, and go to bed!  birthday-girlz

That done, and the week rolling to a close, I’m officially celebrating my 51st birthday with nothing but studio time.  Yep, cuz I CAN … I’m OLD enough now … and just BRATTY enough!  (DH is bringing home Mancino’s!!!)  Happy Birthday To ME!!!  Have a great weekend y’all!

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