It’s All Good …

Lots of time spent talking with my family this week, and in the end, it’s all good!

In between phone calls, I wrapped up my spoon rests and got a few Etsy listings completed.

20201022_022912 20201022_023221 20201022_023040

Then I made a 3 pound meatloaf to keep DH happy while emptying out left-overs in our fridge, and checked on my chickens – who are regularly producing 6-8 eggs each day.  I’ve done some ‘egg-heavy’ recipe searches, DH and I have had a few talks about the best way to utilize all of this ‘bounty’ … and I continue to feed the Ladies special treats each day (- they LOVE watermelon!!!).

I also started work in the glass studio to increase my ornament inventory – including this ‘first-round’ gnome idea… Hmmm – we’ll see.


And tonight, after touching base with family one more time, I played with a couple of cards/card-bases.  Yep – all good.  Now for some weekend ER nursing fun!  Be safe y’all!


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