November 17-24, 2017

Wow, what a week!  We started with Arts & Greens … A special Thank You(!) to all who stopped, shopped and visited with us!!!  We had a great time, despite the torrential pouring of rain that was oozing down the greenhouse wall, creating a river through the middle of our space … [Doh!]  



Once the show was over, and we moved some 200+ pounds of glass/display back up the studio stairs, the old guy and I rested for a day.  Then, Chloe helped me tackle replacing the relays in our production kiln.  She was very attentive as I struggled with the little wires in that tiny space, but we did it! wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png


I met with the high-school girls for dinner.  SO much going on in our lives with spouses, kids, grand-kids and/or fur-babies … ❤ you ladies!  [No photos … sorry!]
On Thursday, I started an eight hour cook-off.  So silly to wait until Thanksgiving day to prepare, but that’s what I did.  Our bacon-wrapped, herb/butter-rubbed turkey is delicious! (Here’s the link to the recipe I’ve been following for 3 years now …


And the rest of the fixins … Butter-herb rolls; this green bean/mushroom casserole recipe (thank you, Pinterest and Bon Appetit!); Garlic-onion smashed red potatoes (a little too heavy on the cream, but my son loved it); and Whiskey apple walnut stuffing (with spinach, sausage and cranberries).  


My favorite?  Our homemade gravy (which is flavored with blended bacon, onion, carrots, herbs and apple from the turkey) … YUM!!!  I cheated with dessert, as we bought pumpkin and pecan pies …

turkey gravy

I hope to spend all of Friday (today) in the studio, before I head back to the ER (work) this weekend.  I’m ready for the break!  Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!!!


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