T-2 …

Yep – down to the final hours of Arts N Greens preparations!  So what does my production kiln do?  It gives me a brand new error code.  I promptly looked it up, (didn’t sound too bad …) and it looked like my kiln stopped heating at 1240 degrees.  Hmmm … “it might do the tack fuse I wanted”, was my thought.  I hit the ‘skip step’ sequence to advance to annealing, and I went to sleep.


Woke up to full fusing (1460 degrees) temps.  Here’s my ‘SQUARE’ snowman … OUCH!!!  The good news – JenKen is sending out new relays.  The other news: Unless I work out a very large batch (coffin kiln), I’m done prepping … Double OUCH!


So – I’m slicing up vit-pot pattern bars.  I like it … and if I cut it all up, it would make a large batch!  Hmm ….


Join us this weekend at Bogie Lake Greenhouse.  I’ll have neat stuff – I promise! wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png


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