Turning 29 and other news …

Celebrated another anniversary of ‘Turning 29’ … DH and I had a quiet week.  I didn’t cook a single thing, and he made cake!   Hmm, I might finally have this birthday thing figured out …

We watched over our pups, who are slowly opening their eyes:


I made some progress on my double-knit polka dot bag.  And, received some beautiful rainbow yarn from Estonia, for this project by E.Sanders (Ravelry download):

polka-dot-double-knit-bag-p double-knit-rainbow-scarf estonia-rainbow-yarn

I beaded last week’s ornaments, and cut a few more:


And, we did a vitrigraph pull, in the screened porch – steps away from the pups.  We were shooting for black and white.  I KNOW that black is over-powering in a stack/pull, and I thought I had it toned-down enough … NOPE!  We’ll try again … After we do this coe96 red pull – maybe tonight:

coe96-black-white-stack coe96-black-white-canecoe96-red-stack


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