Thanksgiving …

I have a lot to be thankful for … Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, no one got sick, I got through the day with minimal thoughts of – and NO ACTUAL – maiming of family members(!), and with all of these left-overs – I won’t be cooking for several days!  Winking smile

But seriously – while it was a busy week, and next week will be too (darn it!), it was good.  Lots accomplished, good quality family time, and some stolen studio moments … AND, my never-ending subpoena is finally OVER (!!!) … until the next legal blood draw walks through my ER door.  [Cue ‘western show-down’ movie music …]

(Neo) News from the Den: Tess and pups are doing great – finally got around to getting some pictures.  While Tess is starting the transition back to ‘normal’ food, we’ll start to introduce the pups to gruel next week … always good times, with the pups BATHING in formula, rice cereal and canned food.  While it may be good for the skin – it sure is awfully sticky on their coats and my floor! Smile 

 mah-male-3-wks Boaz-at-3-wks Tess-tawny-female

Played a bit in the studio tonight … have some new and requested cabs ready for the next stage;  And my Grinch is all painted/fused.  The red got wonky (??? I don’t know what happened!) … DH says it looks neat, ‘kinda shaded’ … I don’t like it.  So I’m thinking of playing with some flexi-glass to get some actual red (powder frit) for his hat.  We’ll see.  But, then what – trim around it for an ornament, stick it in a picture frame … ??? IDK, we’ll see.

            newest-dichro-cabs     Grinch--fired

And as Michigan has given up it’s 60 degree temperatures to plummet back to fall/winter weather … it must be time for DH to start thinking paradise/travel thoughts … [fingers crossed!]


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