Tried and …

True TIRED!  It’s been a trying and tiring week.  I knew it would be, but YUCK!  From a never-ending list of chores, to a mandatory A.M. work in-service, in between a surplus of amazingly annoying emails [that my editor – DH – won’t let me vent about here … even though I said I would post ANONYMOUSLY!!! Winking smile].   My day started at 0630 (yeah, that’s MORNING) today, and I’m not done yet.   WTH???  I’m too old for this sh!t …

As if the AM in-service wasn’t punishment enough – my ‘Big Boss’ casually strolled in 30 minutes after we were assembled (we were all just sitting there, waiting for something to happen) to announce it really wasn’t supposed to start for another hour … WHAT?!?  I COULD HAVE GOTTEN MORE SLEEP?  And, you have a SMILE on your face when you say that?  AND – this ‘educational opportunity’ has a segment dedicated to how I’M supposed to improve MY customer service skills???!!!  If I have a smile on my face when I say ‘you suck’ – does that count as customer service?  Hmm, probably not …  Moving on, I am (also) yet again current on my training for how to ‘catch a newborn’ … Thank goodness!*

The good news – we’re having company tomorrow (umm – later today), so my house will be spiffy clean.  And, now that I’m done whining … I did catch a little stolen studio time.  My latest cab run after the first round; round 1 of a new dichro jewelry technique; working up a couple custom orders for ornaments (fresh from grinding, but not yet cleaned); AND (I know, right?) … DH installed an 8 foot work light over my main table.  These old eyes can see EVERYTHING now – including my messy studio … DOH!  But I love the light!

dichroic-cabs         new-dichro-technique

custom-fused-glass-ornament        penguin-ornaments-cut-and-gstudio-work-light

And, I do get to play with puppies … a lot!  So, at the end of my day (week?), it’s all good!  Smile

     cute and sexy

*While it’s not WWU – it’s what I’m ‘ER nurse’-sharing this week … Fingers crossed that the ‘still-too-full-moon-for-my-county” doesn’t mess with my new [customer service] mad-skillz  this weekend …

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