Long, long ago …

One tough day and then – a week of … holding my breath!  The twins are going to be ‘on vacation’ – across state lines (! … HELP ME!!!) later this week.  I hope they have fun … I hope I can relax enough to think about having some fun myself… I hope I can make it ‘til they’re back home, safe and sound WITH ME – without breaking down!

But first, I have DARN SANE to get through … in just a few short hours [another emotional Uuggghh!].  Then the mad dash to make sure the twins are thoroughly, yet conscientiously packed.  Then hours of despair maternal worry while I wait to hear they’ve landed safely.  And then, DH and I are – EMPTY NESTERS, for a bit.  WTH! … What am I supposed to do with that???


Oh wait – I seem to remember something from long, long ago – in a galaxy far, far away … we (DH and I) had a life that didn’t include children.  Hmmm – should be interesting, anyway.  [‘Course I have my four-legged kids to keep me company … but it’s not the same.  THEY (the dogs) don’t sass back, need last minute shopping trips, spending money, permission slips, help with homework … THEIR hormonal ‘phases’ are only twice a year; keeping THEM happy and well fed doesn’t really involve much kitchen work or planned-out menus … THEY don’t need LONG talks to work through whatever inspired/discouraged/irritated/worried/or any other INSTANT thought – as it occurs!] … Oh, I miss my (two-legged) babies already …

But before we get there – I have to finish what I have going on in the studio, so I can catch a bit of sleep … I’m working on a few custom orders (that include a couple dozen ornaments, the next stage of cabs processing and a few more slumped bottles), and some just-for-fun dichro jewelry cabs.  This means all three kilns are running … Oh, how I love THAT! 

fused-glass-ornaments custom-dichro-jewelry fun-dichro-cab

WWU – Cold and Flu Season is upon us, in case you didn’t hear!  (I do believe I have administered GALLONS of ibuprofen … just sayin’)   And, I was a good customer service agent this weekend (a good nurse, too, but … whatever).  My patients/families had all the warm blankets, coffee, treatment plan updates and personal escorts to their car they could handle.  Then, I learned about some ER systems that are offering ‘call-ahead service’ … Are you kidding me???  I choose NOT to work in a doctor’s office FOR A REASON!  Lord, help me … [Smile In Place!]


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