Happiness and contentment …

Had our ‘semi-annual’ dinner with childhood friends … I love these ladies!  We come at life from different view points and experiences, while still having so much in common.  One of those shared interests is our love of dogs, so I made a couple of quick gifts.


Now, with full belly and content mood, I’m back in my studio – ready to ‘create’ … Here’s my screen-printed Grinch, ready for stage 2 firing.


I’ll work on a few more cabs and maybe start to tinker with some glass paints.  And while rooting around in my closet, I came upon some long-forgotten frame ornaments … so, I put a transparent and dichro scrap cab in it and I think it’s cute – with additional possibilities …

glass ornament

Hope to catch a few more blocks of studio time this week, but – we’ll see.  Will be taking my youngest daughter to see the final Twilight movie, along with some last minute menu shopping; Thursday will be all about food and family; and Friday is filling up with a few necessary errands and appointments.  Time to get busy …

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