Oh … I’ve done it now!

While being sick, to boot!  That’s my excuse, anyway … I have been dreaming about the ‘Cadillac’ of glass paints for a LONG time now.  Umm, not anymore … I ordered ‘em!  Cuz, my screen printing equipment arrived, and I realized I needed more enamels!  I’m just waiting for those to arrive …

In the meantime, I feel like I’m battling the worst hangover (EVER!!!) – WHILE being 3 months pregnant (the stage when every smell – or EVEN the suggestions of smells  make you nauseated) … it’s not ME up in here, I’ve been over-run by viruses! [That’s my official excuse if DH sees the invoice for my Cadillac glass paints … just sayin’!]  I did manage to cook dinner for the Fam … while they were going on and ON(!) about pork chops, turkey, Thanksgiving dinner and (I swear) just about any other intense aroma/odor they could think of to make my gut roll!  But – being the tough nut that I am … no vomiting yet.  Just lots of chills and body aches … SWEET!  I have to work tomorr … uh, later today!

Ehh – whatever.  No vomiting means no wimping out.  So, I’ve played in the studio a bit.  Trying some different screen printing techniques.  The dove is on a previously slumped piece of DH’s glass (glue chip) … so fusing it twice meant it lost it’s ‘glue-chip appeal’.  But, it’s a starting point.  Then, I screen printed the Grinch (he’s my hero) – stage one.  So far, so good!

                      dove-screen-printing-trial          glass-screen-printing

And, I played with etching irid glass – this time 90 vs. 96 … 96 etches better.  But, now I know …

        irid-dove-experiment         irid-dove

Also moved my cabs along.  Had a mishap, and produced joined-twins … DOH!  Made the decision to ‘surgically’ separate … and it turned out well, I think.  I should be able to refinish/fire-polish them back to individual health!

          conjoined-twin-glass         fixed-cabs

Which is what I’m hoping for me … I need to kick these virus cells out and take back command of this ship!

virus take over Osmosis Jones

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