Adult ADD.  Is it an actual diagnosis? … Can you DEVELOP it? … Or CATCH it (like a virus)???  I think I may have it … The ideas are spinning so quickly (in my head), it’s hard to stay focused.  So, then I try making lists (mental and physical) – but there are too many!!!

So much stuff I want to try.  Here’s what has me all ‘tornadoed’ [probably not a word, but I have a non-diagnosis … so I can do that!] at the moment:  I got a new book; spent some time on Pinterest (it’s devil-spawn, I tell you!!! – But here’s the image that started this latest HEALTHY-manic phase); and I am [apparently] obsessed – in a healthy way (?) -with the idea of creating pictures with glass – using all sorts of different techniques! (This one is a rudimentary screen printing trial, waiting for it’s turn in the kiln.)

              sp-glass-night-light       new-glass-book     

Once a FEW more items arrive in the mail (Shhhh – Don’t Go There!) … I think I’ll be ready to try some fritography, using this photo of Zeus as my ‘model’ … If it turns out anywhere close to what I see in my head, I’ll be thrilled.  [If it doesn’t – it’s a starting point for the learning curve!  Or – yet another reason I may need medication …]


In the meantime, I have some cabs moved along to the next stage of firing:  And, I kind of like this – maybe for a key chain (??? … I don’t know, but I like it) …

           prepping-cabs         framed-cab

My experiments from the last post are more ‘learning curve material’ … but I’ll hold on to them – continue to stew, analyze and obsess – until I try again.  (I like the gold irid on black – just not seeing an ideal end-design/finished piece yet … capped vs. uncapped, BTW)

            fail        images-on-glass

No WWU this week – other than to say I was served my 4th (or is it 5th?) subpoena for the case that will not go away!!!  Of course it’s for a Monday morning, bright and early – 1 hour AFTER I finish my weekend tour!  Aarrgh!

Kay – gotta wrap some orders (the holiday season is here!), kick the kiln on and GO TO SLEEP – before my DARN SANE shift starts – uhh, later TODAY … Hey, it could happen!

hair sticking up crazy

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