The Nutty ‘Professor’ …

So, I’ve got a few experiments going on in the studio today.  While I was explaining my ‘end goal vision’ to DH, all quick and excited – I realized he was staring at me with this dazed and confused look on his face.  “S’Okay,” I said, “trust me!” … “Whatever you say, professor,” was his reply.  Here’s what we’ve got:

irid-christmas-ornament  wine-bottle  todays-experiment

Not bad for a first pass.  A couple of pieces are in the kiln … time to see what 1400+ degrees does with them.  And, [of course!!] I have a few additional necessary items ordered that need to arrive … it’s all good – TRUST ME!  Winking smile

But – enough for today.  Time to let the ideas ruminate around for a bit … and it’s time to meet up with some work friends before I roll into the weekend!

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