Happy Thanksgiving!

turkey ham signI’d say Happy Turkey Day … but we had ham.  Was my youngest daughter a little bummed?  Maybe … But – since she didn’t move her lazy-butt off the couch all doggone day … I’m not impressed by her vote. 

And, while I embrace our house-full-of-hormones with sarcasm, I am thankful for my family …  and dogs … and beer … Winking smile

And my health.  I got to knock another bizarre disease process off the list this week.  So even though the pathologist doesn’t know what to call my latest ‘tissue contribution’ … we’re moving forward.  No more testing … Just fix it!  Yay!!!

And –I am thankful for my studio.  I’ve got all three kilns running and the studio is toasty warm.  I’ll be sandblasting next week.  I’m slumping bottles like a wild-woman.  My decal trial is working well.  And we set up a (temporary) Christmas shop in Milford/Highland, along with 8 other artisans.  So – if you’re in the area from December 1-22 … check out 153 N Milford Rd. – you’ll see my ‘lil display.  Or – you can catch us at the Warm N Cozy in Hartland on 12/7 …

sandblast-weeding    slumping-bottles-for-Christmasnew-christmas-bowl   Milford-Holiday-display

All that’s left is for my very stubborn (Neo) Mom to have her babies.  Yep – Isabella is holding out.  We had her to the vet earlier this week – all is well.  She’s just being stubborn.  While she continues to eat, drink and sleep well – I’ve whispered in her ear that we are going back to the vet tomorrow – and will consider a c-section if she doesn’t uncross her legs … Sure hope she’s listening!

Anyway – Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!  Here’s a pic of (most of) our youngest son … who is very-much enjoying the ‘no school’ pajama day rule … all decked out in plaid (his idea – not mine!) – Crazy Boy!


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