Countdown and three kilns …

Click, click, click … go my kilns (happy sigh – ) ALONG with the other 886 COUNTDOWNS  ticking away.  Deep breath!

Review (since my last post):

1) We have babies!  Momma Iz finally got serious Friday night, and we have 7 new Neo babies in the house (DH has the photos,  and I’m so far behind on email correspondence – don’t even get me started!) … [Don’t look for pics here – I told you, DH has them!]

2)  WWU – it was busy;  No one died under my watch;  Legal blood draws keep finding their way to us;  Crummy (cancer) diagnoses in the ER will forever and always piss me off (make me hurt);  It’s over for another 180 hours (give or take).


3 kilns running (and will continue – for a while).  Currently, I have decal-mania in the coffin kiln, combined with more spoon rests and bottle-slump-fest 2013.

slumping-december-2013   decals-2013

In the last week-ish, I have ‘created’ 27 slumped bottles/bottle bowls.  Next up, DH will sandblast.  Which has me thinking about SO many other sandblasting ideas and techniques … but, deep breath, it will hold until it’s time (the right time) …

slump-fest-2013      sandblasting-bottles-2013

I’m taking photos of items for the shops (abstract dichro badge reels):

dichro-badge-reels-12-2013  playing-with-abstract-cabs- badge-reels-12-13

Later:  I have the DARN SANE meeting (in about 9-ish [A.M.] hours).  More studio time, more puppy time, more twin/family time;

I’m 36 hours away from my (temporary) 4th job shift =art gallery shop worker (for the next two weeks);

I’m 5 days away from the next art show/weekend nursing tour;

13 days away from our oldest child graduating from COLLEGE (have I mentioned I am so stinkin’ proud of her?!?);

23 days away from Christmas 1 – for the twins – to celebrate, honor, spark creativity and confirm love (– all while finding/giving that ONE special gift that makes the year!)

29 days away from a  New Year (=new page, chapter, opportunity); 2013 NY

38 days away from my next planned ‘weight loss’ procedure;

Christmas 2 to follow shortly there-after (with Martha Stewart-esque-ness = Clean/sparkling home and great food/gifts/family time).

And a few other deadlines/daily duties to meet – like Momma and the babies (day 3 and we’re all doing great!); meal planning/prep (Mama’s Kitchen – it is always open); adult living (bill paying, mail/email correspondence); regular care of my 2 and 4 legged family; and – a little bit of sleep here-and-there … [SIGH…]

Did I mention I have three kilns running?  Winking smile

OH YEAH – I could also say (in 5 hours) that I have been smoke-free for the last THREE months!  (Or 12 weeks, 6 days and 19 hours … but that’s a bit anal …)

in between cigarettes

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