Cuz Moms CAN!

Been a busy week here at Clayton Hill!  But a great week, too! *

I’ve been busy in the studio – in stolen ‘patches’ of time – which may make me more productive (???).  I have new dichroic cabs (that will become pendants, badge reels and now … PINS!), as well as some other dichroic jewelry in-the-works …

           Initial-pendants    more-dichro-cabs

Flew some pups out at Metro.  We now have extended family in Rhode Island and Tennessee.  [Pups did great … I know, as I watched their progress through the flight!  And, the girls are now being spoiled/loved-on in a one-on-one scenario! … So, I can’t be sad … RIGHT!?!]

I got through my mandatory nursing in-services (for THIS week, anyway!) … I get to be an ER nurse at my facility for another year!

Made a few ‘home-cooked’ meals … Ham meal (with praline glaze and all the ‘fixins’) one night, and today – a big batch of Potato Soup (to tide all through the weekend).  Would have made rice pudding (as a CHASER???) – but DH decided to make a dumb, MALE comment before I got started … Silly Boy! 

Got all three kilns running a few times this week, too.  New slumped bottles (no photos – as I have a NEW idea for them), fused glass ornaments and spoon rests coming!

glass-santa-ornaments glass-Christmas-ornaments new-spoon-rests

And … We have 11 new family members!  Our Tess finally went into labor.  As a first time Mom, it’s always a little nerve-wracking (for all of us – but I feel a lot of it, too!).  How will labor progress?  Will I miss any subtle clues of distress?  Can we (SHOULD we???) do this – or just opt for the c-section? 

Tess did great!  But we had a few ‘moments’.  She was struggling to get number 6 “out of the chute, into the light, and BORN already”!  We walked, we paced, we encouraged and commiserated – and then we walked some more.   Just about the time I was ready to load everyone up to hit my favorite 24 hour emergency vet, she finally gave birth to ‘the beast’.  I immediately started calling him “LOG JAM” … who has become ‘LJ’ (and, within my family, “Little John” – who was also a LARGE infant – born BREECH.  Yeah, I’m talking about DH!).  

Now, past-trauma forgotten …Tess and crew are settling into a nice routine of ‘life on the outside’.  All (-Tess included!) are eating well.  Tess, the babies, DH and I are catching up on some sleep. 

            DSC04430        DSC04441

Meanwhile – Zeus (who is NOT allowed in the whelping area … along with all other four-legged kids …) is hanging out with me in the studio, when DH is on pup-watch.  It’s tough – but he loves me.  (NO REALLY, he does.  He always looks sad!)


Must be time to head back to work!  [WHEW!  I’m looking forward to S-L-O-W-I-N-G things down … Hey – it could happen!!!]

*Oh yeah – got through HALLOWEEN, too.  Thank Goodness we live quite rurally – and the kids are NOW happy with (store bought) bags of their FAVORITE candy!  NO!!! –  I don’t feel bad about 15+ year olds ‘missing out’ on trick-or-treating!  Can’t make me … I won’t do it!  IF I’ve traumatized them – they’ll just have to add it to their ‘THERAPY’!!!

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