WWU–the ‘Numbers’ Weekend …

Too many of my cases this weekend were about chasing numbers:

  • dangerously low levels (potassium AND glucose – separate patients);


  • dangerously high levels (alcohol AND drug);
  • correctly predicting and reporting the number of hours someone would need to be monitored through the night before a family member could take them home (again, multiple patients);
  • Q15 minute circulation checks d/t violent behavior intervention;
  • a guessing game of the actual number of times a certain high-strung/high maintenance patient would use their call light during one ER visit …
  • All ending with a quick calculation of the number of hours I will need to soak in the hot tub in correlation with the number of required visits to my chiropractor to overcome the weekend … 

Oh well … it’s over for another 5.5 days (or 129 hours or 7740 minutes – just sayin’) …

My week ahead:  In between mandatory work in-services (yesss – it’s THAT time of year again!!!), I hope to play in the studio.  A visit to my glass supply store late last week [early birthday present!] has ideas bubbling over – along with new supplies, molds and glass!


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