A beautiful day …

So … what’d you do today?  I spent this beautiful Indian Summer day playing in the studio with the windows and door wall open … HEAVEN!  I also cleaned – a little (umm – not much).

fall in Michigan

Dichroic CrownRN badge reelDichro Flowers

Spent a bit of time taking pictures and ‘doing computer work’ … but when that got boring, I played some more.  While listening to the radio, I heard mention of the ‘Frankenstein Storm’ AND – they said the ‘S’ word … [sn*w] NOOOO!!  But trying to embrace the inevitable … I decided to start on some Santa ornaments.


This evening, technology and I went another few rounds.  I’m starting to think I should take some advanced computer classes (I need to become an expert on wireless, router, configuration settings, etc.) … so that I can be one of those folks smart enough to remotely take over your computer and fix it!  I know – I’m too old (they all sound like they’re 12 years old, don’t they!?!) … and since I don’t even know what the name of that particular degree is … I’ll just dream about being a computer GURU!  And go back to my glass – with the Tigers playing in the background. [fingers crossed]

tigers vs giants

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