More experiments going on in the studio.  This one, while not a success on the pleasing color scale … I think its worth playing with ‘boiling glass’ again:


Continuing on with the ‘dookey’ theme … WWU: Admitting complaint =‘Seizure’  Discharged diagnosis=CONSTIPATION(!) … This ‘story’ tallies up in the SAVE column for my own particular WIN/LOSS scoreboard.  But it was mildly painful (for me) …

The ‘loose’ scenario (names, pertinent data not revealed – to protect ME!):  I was assigned to the “Fast-Track” wing (=‘QUICK’ in-and-out folks), and a young toddler ‘New Onset Seizure’ is brought in …  THIS means – outside of whatever the patient may need – I have PARENTS to deal with …[Oy Vay!]:  She’s not febrile; she’s tracking (visually); no evidence of a post-ictal state … This is all GOOD!  She’s playing ‘peek-a-boo’ games with me; her fine motor skills are intact and age appropriate; no signs of incontinence ….

This is where I will point out – as an OLD HEIFER E.R. nurse – I am immediately consoled!  But … the ‘NEW’ parents REALLY need reassurance!!!!  (Like all crystal-ball style.  There are no guarantees in life, just sayin’ …) OK, now to get the parents to buy-in:

ME:   [Wow – you’re both pretty HIGH-STRUNG!  Alright – let’s educate and Keep It Simple (KISS) … ]:  “She’s breathing, no airway distress.  Typically when someone seizes “ …

PARENT interrupting: “We are TEACHERS!  We’ve seen seizures before!”

ME: [What??? I don’t think so …]  I start a review of what she – that would be the smiling, alert, tracking, continent patient – is presently doing [… finger intentionally digging around up her nose, if you’re curious] …

PARENT (interrupts AGAIN):  “I don’t want to be alone [WITH MY CHILD], will you stay with us?”

ME: [For the next 16 years??? Ummmm … Hell NO!!]  “I’m sorry – I’d love to, but I can’t.  I have other patients that need me, too.”

We’ll fast forward at this point [… beyond the parent’s scream, blood-curdling style in the middle of the hallway that “She’s doing it again!” ] …15 minutes later – we establish that she hasn’t POOPED today.  I flashed back through some 20 years of parenting, established that SHE normally poops a couple of times each day, and realized the stiffening SEIZURE activity was probably MORE likely due to someone NOT(!) wanting to defecate at THAT particular moment in time, learning to control THEIR OWN BOWELS … and MAYBE got through to some CONCERNED parents (!?!) …The verdict is still NOT in … Time will tell

My studio week ahead:  I’ll continue to create/upload listings for the shops; I have a couple of new books to learn from; And I will continue with the ‘getting images on glass’ experiments …


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  1. Enjoyed your blog post! I just got Jody Walker’s book too and am flirting with mold making…I haven’t tried boiling glass thus far, but have thought about trying it soon … Have fun with your exprimentation! -From another mother of four, glass enthusiast 🙂


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