Gathering as we grow …

WWU:  Someone decided it would be a good idea to have me as acting charge nurse this past weekend … WTH?!?  Such a silly notion!  But we got through, and outside of a huge THANK YOU to my co-workers, I have nothing more to report.  [My therapist thinks just a few more sessions required to get over the trauma of it all …]

News from the den:  Momma Zones is eating well again, so Mom’s (my) kitchen is slowing down … thank goodness.  The Neo pups are starting to open their eyes – so I’ll share some squishy-faced photos soon.  The Yorkie pups (little heathens) are completely at home everywhere in the house and will actually attempt to climb into Zonie’s whelping box – the crazy little furballs!   But – they also love to climb all over Katerina – their own personal jungle gym.  Everybody loves Aunt Kat!


All of this good news means I’m still not spending much quality time in the studio, but I have gathered a few ideas/techniques/supplies to try once things ease up a bit more …

Meanwhile, my knitting is coming along … the candle flame scarf has grown – now measuring some 3+ feet long.

And, I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that tax season is upon us, the deadline is fast-approaching and I have to get busy!  So I’m gathering up all those blasted receipts – while I think of ways to better-spend my time (or at least more fun!) …

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