Darn that Pinterest, anyway … It’s devil’s-spawn, I tell you.  Stumbled on a knitting pattern that caught my eye … so, now I’m knitting it.  Here’s the creator’s pattern link, and here’s what I’ve got going so far:  If you’re an avid knitter – you’ll catch my mistake early on, but if not (like DH) – you’ll never see it … and I’m knitting correctly now.


Haven’t made it to the studio yet, but that’s okay.  Momma Zonie started feeling bad, working her way towards a mastitis – so she has needed me closeby, giving her some nursing-love.  She’s feeling better today … Maybe a little stolen studio time tomorrow?  In the meantime, I’m a ‘candle flame’ knitting fiend, as I watch over my ‘den’.  And, since I have some down-time while sitting with Momma and the pups – I’ve found a couple of other patterns that caught my eye [evil chuckle] …

Structured Stripe Tahki yarns      Radiant pullover Tahki yarns

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