Month: April 2013

Play Day in the Studio

A long, stressful day … but a good day.  Started early this morning as we flew pups off to their new homes.  Got home just in time to watch their flights progress across the country … New extended family in NJ, MD,… Read More

When the nurse is the patient …

Or could be – in my case.  What to do?  I’ve been in nursing for 23 years now.  I’ve seen so much … TOO MUCH(!):  Too much “fight when there is no chance”; too much hope – because “we have technology”; too… Read More

Shitake! But not yet …

Have you seen that THING?!?  Egads … this weekend is gonna be tough!  Yesss – it’s pretty in the sky over the farm, all innocent and peaceful looking.  NO – I do NOT want to go to work this weekend!!!  (It will still… Read More

Happiness–it’s all relative

WWU:  A study in contrasts.  All I can say is this – I had the pleasure of caring for “Satan’s Bride” (NO amount of pillow fluffing was satisfactory) AND the stoic “Farmer’s Wife” [… Sure – I’m SICK, but I’m not dead… Read More

Uh oh … It’s starting again!

Spent some time reading glassist C.Morgan’s blog … besides loving her art, I appreciate her sense of humor.  So, now … she has me intrigued  with glass casting (absolutely love her statue ‘Shout’ – check it out!).  Oh, soooo much to learn,… Read More

Overcooking … Doh!

Another lesson learned – the hard way.  Apparently one can ‘overcook’ PnP in one’s heat press.  Dammitall!  At least that’s what I think happened, as I decided to take the 15 dichro pieces through one-more-round in the heat press.  Last night’s successes… Read More


HA!  I knew I got that heat press for a reason!  Still fine tuning, but … this is promising! The kitchen is also mine again:  Great shrimp stir-fry for dinner – chocked full of veggies.  Then, I made some Cabbage Crack (Napa… Read More

Some things I have learned …

– It’s good to be (friends with) the King … – Mashed potatoes do not go well with ribs-n-beans … – Patience pays off (somewhat) … WWU – It’s Good to be (Friends with) the King:  All hail our ER director!  Yep,… Read More

Free at last …

With some 18 hours to spare,  I say GOODNIGHT to ‘Tax Preparation 2012’ … Now for our appointment with the ‘Great and Powerful Jim’, to find out how much of our money we get to hold on to???  Either way – I’m done… Read More

Spring cleaning …

Kinda … well, not really.  I’ve spent the last few days fighting with my computer (the browser), unable to surf my usual sites (including this one).  I’ve been so consumed by fixing it, I’ve all but forgotten the frustration of the weekend… Read More