Shitake! But not yet …

Have you seen that THING?!?  Egads … this weekend is gonna be tough!  Yesss – it’s pretty in the sky over the farm, all innocent and peaceful looking.  NO – I do NOT want to go to work this weekend!!!  (It will still be too full come Saturday for my county … just sayin’!)  Feeling kind’a bad for my ER coworkers right about now …


But, in the meantime, I’m ‘spring cleaning’ in the studio … while DH tries his hand at frit envelopes … Smile  Pretty – and note the very clean, and fairly uncluttered work table he’s sitting at!

DH-frit-envelope    DH-in-the-studio

My envelope from the last post fired with potential … here are the cabs I like:

potential-frit-cab cab-2 cab ... pretty!

And here are the two completed envelopes, side by side … for posterity… ???  It’s silly – how much I like these ‘lil things …


News from the den:  The Neo pups are starting the process of moving on to their new homes …  Here’s Brilla – giving me some cuddle time.  Love my babies!


2 Comments on “Shitake! But not yet …”

  1. I have just recently started following your blog and am enjoying it thoroughly. I was wondering if you could explain to me what a frit envelope is. I have been fusing glass for many years and have never heard this term. I love the work I see here on your blog.Thank you.


    • Hi Micki … Thanks! So, I kind of renamed it … but you can find the tutorial link on my post from 4/20/13 – it’s a link to C.Morgan’s blog, her tutorial and a fun project!


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